August 29, 2016


Currently sampling:

  • Bottle showing Burwood VodkaBurwood Vodka:
    • Distilled from 100% Alberta 2-row malt barley and lightly charcoal filtered. An ever so light graininess is noticeable. This follows with a mild sweetness, derived from specialty yeast fruity esters (including isoamyl acetate) produced through a slow fermentation, similar to production of a German hefeweizens. Very clean and smooth. (40.0% ABV)


  • Honey Eau de Vie (AKA: Honey Shine or Honey Liquor)
    • 100% pure Alberta Raw Honey is distilled lightly, similar to that of a honey shine. Aromas of Alberta wildflowers, which change depending on where the bees have foraged. Rich and complex, w/ hints of bees wax and spice on the finish. A slight sweetness in both flavor and aroma, but not a sweetened liqueur. Best drank straight up, with a single large ice-cube, or mixed like as you would with a high-grade gin. Pairs well with rich foods and dried fruits as well as honey & blue cheese.  42.0% ABV, clear spirit.


  • Medica (Traditional Croatian spirit, AKA: Honey Liqueur)
    • Sweetened with Raw Alberta Honey to lower the ABV to approximately 28.0% and increase the sweetness. This process brings about a deep golden color and an incredible depth of aromas and flavor. This version lends itself quite well to sipping on it’s own (think digestif, port, sherry, etc…) and mixing with other drinks (similar to sweet vermouth in a martini, boulevardier, or negroni). Pairs well on its own with sweet desserts, including locally produced honey cakes (known locally in Europe as Medovnik). Can be steeped with chamomile tea and other herbs to add further complexity as a soothing night-cap.


  • An epic Albertan Negroni is produced from the full strength Honey Eau de Vie (1 part), traditional sweetened Medica (1 part, in lieu of sweet vermouth), and Campari (1 part).