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Bee Whisperer Old Fashioned Cocktail Kit

Get a head start on gifting this year, and select your Burwood Holiday Cocktail Kit! Our Bee Whisperer Whisky is a highly accredited bottle of limited edition Whisky! As seen in Forbes magazine, and acknowledged with gold and silver medals at spirit competitions, this Whisky is one of a kind, and is perfect for cocktails, or sipping!
Plus we have seen the Holiday Wish Lists- and these are on it 😉

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Joshua Davis
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Delicious spirits, always something new they're cooking up so keep your eye out. Kind staff, best conversation I've had in a long time, couldn't reccomend enough.
Lee Foreman
Read More
Be sure to try the Honey Liqueur Medica, oh so good over ice.
James Beggs
Read More
Absolutely a gorgeous gin....smooth, delicious, I want another. Delighted to know it's from Calgary.......Keep it up ladies and gentlemen from Burwood.
Niel L
Read More
We have a small obsession with this place. Since discovering Burwood Distillery, we have bought at least one bottle of everything they have put out.
Lauren Bergeson
Read More
Delicious products with lovely service. The vodka and the barrel aged honey liqueur must be tried. Kitchen and dine in is currently closed to follow Covid regulations.
Claudius du Plooy
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Burwood's line-up of products is growing and they are all delicious! The drinks and food never dissapoint! Most of all, the team is fun and great to deal with!
Jenna Pich
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Burwood is my go-to for casual drinks and snacks on the weekend. I can't wait to try the kambucha series!
Joe Turner
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The hopped gin is amazing. Goes great with ginger ale. I highly recommend stopping by and supporting this distillery. You won't regret having a good drink to end the long day.
From our distillery to your door.

Bee Whisperer Old Fashioned Cocktail Kit

From our distillery to your door.


Get a head start on gifting this year, and select your Burwood Holiday Cocktail Kit!
Our Winter Festival Gin Series has sold out every year, our premixed cocktails are great adult stocking stuffer options, and our Whisky, well it’s famous!
Plus our Bee Whisperer Whisky has been mentioned in Forbes magazine, accredited with gold and silver medals at Whisky competitions, AND this kit comes with a Holiday card you can burn 🤘🏼
Our Bee Whisperer Old Fashioned Cocktail Kit comes with:
– Bee Whisperer Whisky (as seen in Forbes magazine) 750ml
– 1 Custom Cherry Wood Burning Holiday Card (YES, A HOLIDAY CARD YOU CAN LIGHT ON FIRE!)
– Angostura Bitters
– Sugar Cubes in a mason jar
– Dehydrated orange slices
– Honey dipper stir stick
How to make the perfect holiday cocktail:

1.5 oz Bee Whisperer

1 Sugar Cube

Angostura Bitters

1 Orange Wheel for Garnish

Smoking board


1. Smoke the old fashioned glass by torching the Christmas Card (YOU HEARD CORRECTLY!) break off a stick, and light on fire! Then flip the glass upside down and collect smoke, keep it upside down until you are ready to add the ingredients

2. Wait 30 seconds, then flip glass upwards, add sugar cube

3. Add a few drops of bitters onto the sugar cube and muddle

4. Add the ice cube to the glass

5. Pour the whisky over top of the ice cube and stir constantly for 20-30 seconds

6. Add your orange wheel for garnish. Enjoy!

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The Burwood Story

Burwood Distillery originated as a vision to celebrate Alberta’s agriculture by handcrafting world-class spirits from local ingredients. It has evolved to become a destination for new world spins on classic old-world styles.

Burwood Distillery is the culmination of our devotion to keeping traditions alive, from our selection of spirits to our tasting room and cocktail lounge. Our distillers bring their passion for exciting new twists on classic spirits and flavours to every product we create, with the goal of igniting that same passion inside you.

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