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Burwood Gin Trio - Winter Festival Series

Burwood Gin Trio - Winter Festival Series

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The pack that EVERYONE wants!

The number of unique cocktails you can make with this festive trio is endless! We have a ton of recipes on our website under our blog, so if you are stuck, head there for some inspiration.

This bundle saves you $$$, and is great for getting through these cold months!

When you purchase you will receive

- Mandarin Cranberry Orange Gin 750ml

What an iconic Holiday duo - Mandarin and Cranberry! These two are no strangers to any holiday meal or dessert, and pair beautifully together. The Mandarin likes to take the lead and is the key flavour component in this gin. Notes of cranberry providing a subtle complexity of flavour, and really round out each sip.  This is an easy drinking gin, best enjoyed on the rocks or in a cocktail.

- Winter Berry Gin 750ml

Mulberries are the dominant flavour component of this gin, giving a sweet gummy flavour. Persimmon gives a silky mouthfeel while cranberries offer a note of complexity while simultaneously providing some balance to the sweetness of the mulberries. Get creative with this one, great with soda, alternatively use this in a gin fizz to create something unique.

- Spiced Apple Gin 750ml

Inspired by spiced hot apple cider, this gin will be remembered long after winter has turned to spring. The addition of tonic or soda, makes for a colourful show, reminiscent of the Northern Lights. 

Apple flavours reside in the background, providing a canvas for the spices to intermingle and create an organoleptic experience. Hints of cinnamon, clove, and juniper also dance on the tongue. Mix with tonic and watch the Northern lights in your glass!


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