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Pineapple Scavenger Hunt!

Pineapple Lemon Scavenger Hunt

June 1 - June 25

Burwood would like to introduce our newest flavour to the Burwood ready-to-drink line up – Pineapple Lemon Gin Soda! To celebrate, we’ve orchestrated an outdoor (socially distanced) scavenger hunt around Calgary…don’t worry, it’s mainly downtown!

With this new flavour release, Burwood has planned a fun, pineapple themed outdoor scavenger hunt this June.

We can’t wait for you to participate – it is socially distanced, summer approved, and offers some much-needed excitement to kick off June!

For those of you who don’t know, our ready to drinks are made with REAL fruit and hand-crafted gin, this ready-to-drink is bartender approved and low in calories. Pineapple Lemon Gin is joining the line-up of Burwood Sodas, and are now available at retailers around town.

How to Participate!

Key Information & Rules:

  • Burwood has created an outdoor, socially distanced scavenger hunt for Calgarians to participate in
  • The hunt runs from June 1 to June 25, with clues being released June 1 in our newsletter.
  • There is 6+ participating locations around Calgary – predominately downtown, all that will be marked with a yellow pineapple decal
  • The decal will be on the outside of the mystery location, and will be accessible
  • Contestants will receive the scavenger hunt clues through our newsletter, social media, and newest clues will be updated on our website as well.
  • In order to enter the scavenger hunt and win the prize, contestants need to find each location, take a picture of the decal and tag both Burwood Distillery AND the participating location using #BurwoodSummer The decal must be present in each photo, and ideally you are taking a selfie with it as well.
  • Every location tagged in IG feed and/or Facebook will equal one entry into the draw. If participants find all locations, they will get an additional 5 entries for the grand prize. (all photos have to be posted and tagged accordingly (with Burwood and the participating location) to be considered an entry as well. Posts are eligible on Facebook and Instagram feeds.
  • Participants must 18+ to win the prize, no purchase necessary. Winner will be drawn at random given the entries and announce on June 28.

Happy Hunting!

Burwood Handles:          Taglines and Hashtags:

Facebook – @BurwoodDistillery              #MyBurwoodMoment

Instagram – @BurwoodDistillery             #BurwoodSummer



These don't have to be in any order, you can do whichever clue you want first!

Clue #1 

The place where the magic happens

And the place where we enjoy our aged old fashions’

If you love our products, you shouldn’t be a stranger

If you’ve tried our Gin Pineapple lemon you know it’s a game changer


Clue #2

We miss hosting conferences, events, and guests by the pool.

Our assortment of restaurants and services is often said to be pretty damn cool

You can find us serving up the noteworthy brunches and a la carte feasts

And our iconic coloured door can be seen from the streets


Clue #3

We couldn’t move too far from home, so we decided to move right next door.

Our parents serve grapes, while we serve wine

Mix and match us together, and you can really dine.

Some might even call us cooperative


Clue #4

We are based after a hot tropical paradise that is filled with barley and wheat.

You often come here with friends, cold drinks in your hands and dogs at your feet.

We love to welcome all ages and all sizes, and you better believe we’ve figured out

How to dress our gnomes in good disguises


Clue #5

Our bathrooms are covered in flamingos and pineapples

And if you have one too many drinks you might start to babble

We love a good daquiri, pina colada and rum

We love a good tiki and think you could come


Clue #6

We have a passion for fitness - yoga, spin and HIIT

Located in the Beltline, our studio will help you get fit

Some might think our name is another word for entry, pathway, or door

And upstairs we teach a lot of rest and restore


Clue #7

We surprise our guests when they find out we are a sibling in a family of nine

However, we command one of the strongest presences and our customers are so inclined

If you know, you know the EAP

And if you know, you know we are across from the EAT


Good luck!


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Calgary’s Craft Distillery

We’re proud to bring our heritage of craft distilling to Alberta, showcasing local ingredients in every product we offer. 

The Burwood Story

Take everything that makes Alberta unique. A history rich with farming, hard work and growth, then combine it with our love for traditional distillation techniques and an old-world attention to detail. Backdrop it with our pristine prairies, offering some of the finest ingredients in the world, and you have a recipe for some of the best spirits around. 

The distillery got its start as an idea among friends, growing into something incredible along the way. Burwood Distillery is a celebration of Alberta’s agriculture and a nod to the generations of distillers that came before us. We love every single product we produce, and our intention is to get you just as excited about craft spirits as we are. 

Built With Our Own Hands

The distillery and lounge itself is of our own creation. From the dirt floor up, Burwood Distillery is hand built and truly unique — a testament to our passion and desire to bring something different to Calgary. Everything you see inside serves a purpose, creating a certain charm. We intentionally styled our interior after old-world Eastern European and Scottish farm distilleries.

Our community is part of who we are. For us, local is a way of life. The barley, the honey — it’s all local. We like to know where our ingredients come from, and we know you’ll be excited to discover the story in each and every one of our spirits. We hand-crush every grain, scoop every ounce of honey, distill every drop and bottle it all right here in Calgary. 

Distillery Tours

Our goal is to minimize the risk to employees and guests and help lower the probability of the spread of the virus to our employees, their families, and the communities where we operate in, therefore we are not currently booking times to tour the public through the distillery at this time.

Keep checking back as we look forward to the day we can have you back touring through our home.

The Cocktail Lounge

Ready to sit back, relax and discover your own moments worth drinking to? Then join us in our cocktail lounge. We offer a full dining experience with farm to table style dishes that highlight local ingredients whenever possible. Dive into a fresh salad, share a board, or enjoy one of our sandwiches.

Lounge Menu

Like our spirits and beverages, our menu is both inspired by what’s available locally and our heritage. Chef Tyler Forsyth brings exceptional originality and flavour combinations to the Burwood experience, making for a selection of dishes you’ll keep thinking about long after your last bite. 

Our focus on supporting local producers is reflected in our menu, using fresh, local and sustainable ingredients whenever possible. 

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