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Fried Cauliflower $9.99  Gluten Aware / Vegetarian
Beet harissa & chipotle aioli.

Burwood Homemade BBQ Chips n’ Dip $5.25    Gluten Aware / Vegetarian
House cut chips with seasonal dips.

Fire Roasted Meatballs $14.99    Gluten Aware
Braised Meatballs, roasted tomato sauce, parmesan.

Tomato & Onion Flatbread $12.99    Vegetarian
Burwood’s local honey, caramelized onions, cherry tomatoes, arugula.
Add Chicken $5.75
Add Sausage $5.00



Chef’s Soup of the day $8.00 - Bowl $5.00 - Cup

Farmhouse Field Green Salad $9.00    Gluten Aware / Vegetarian
Heritage Greens, cherry tomatoes, sunflower seeds, honey mustard vinaigrette.
Add chicken $5.75



Mixed Grill $30.00
Cevapi, hand cut fries.

Cheese & Charcuterie $30.00
Burwood BBQ chips, chef selection of meats and cheese, house pickled vegetables.



Ćevapi $15.00/$18.00
Eastern European street food. Beef and lamb ground in house, toasted European bread, served with sliced onions, ajvar and Feta crema.

Mac & Cheese $12.00    Vegetarian option available
Three cheese béchamel topped with bacon, served with a baguette.
Add Field Green Salad $5

Fire Roasted Tomato & Vodka Penne $14.99    Vegetarian
Slow Roasted Tomato Sauce, Burwood Vodka, Peppers & Onions.
Add Chicken $5.75, Sausage or Meatball $5

Bourbon Cask Burger $17.99
Bacon, Caramelized Onion, Brie, Cranberry Compote.

Chicken Pot Pie $16.99
Garden Vegetables, Chicken Velouté.
Served with mixed green add $5



Side Field Green Salad $5.00    Vegetarian / Gluten Aware
Hand Cut Fries $5.00    Vegetarian / Gluten Aware
Burwood BBQ Chips $5.00    Vegetarian / Gluten Aware
Meatball $5.00    Gluten Aware
Chicken $5.75    Gluten Aware
Sausage $5.00    Gluten Aware
Fried Cauliflower $5.00    Vegetarian / Gluten Aware



Burwood Boozy Milkshake $9.00
Our featured liqueur, vanilla ice cream, cookie crumble rim, topped with whipped cream.




Blood Orange Mint Gimlet 2 oz. $12.00
A fragrant variation of a well known cocktail with notes of deep citrus and fresh herbs. Burwood Gin, St. Germain, blood orange nectar, fresh lime juice.

Lavender Bees Knees 2 oz. $12.00
A perfect blend of a well-loved beverage and a touch of summer. Burwood Gin, honey syrup, fresh lemon juice, lavender, bee pollen.

Morning Frost 2 oz. $13.00
Approachable and fizzy with a freshness reminiscent of a frost on an early Calgary morning. Burwood Gin, Limoncello, Campari, Happy Belly Mint Kombucha, apple cinnamon tincture, rosemary.


Medica Honey Liqueur

Harvest Old Fashioned 2 oz. $10.00
Thought you knew your way around an Old Fashioned? Guess again...with this sweet rendition made from the heart of our spirits. Burwood Medica, black raspberry tea infused, bourbon, barley syrup, bitters, orange zest.

Pineapple Cinnamon Mojito 2 oz. $10.00
These “oddly complementary flavours” make for a unique take on this mouth watering classic. Burwood Medica, Mt Gay Eclipse, mint kombucha, fresh lime, pineapple cinnamon syrup.

Double Smoked Penicillin 2 oz. $14.00
Time to take your “medicine.” Notes of wood, ash and fire to set the mood for wherever evening takes you. Peated Scotch, Burwood Barrel Aged Medica, whisky, Domaine De Canton, fresh lemon juice, honey water.



Burwood Mule 2 oz. $12.00
Fresh cucumber and herbs from the back garden to cut the heat of a spicy yet citrus forward ginger beer. Burwood Vodka, fresh lime, ginger beer, rosemary.

Burwood Caesar 2 oz. $14.00
Canada’s National Cocktail made with the craft cocktail lover in mind. Burwood Vodka, house made worcestershire sauce, house made hot sauce, Mott's Caesar Mix, house pickled garnish.

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