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Honey Rhum Limited Edition

Honey Rhum Limited Edition

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Burwood Honey Rhum is made 100% from our own bee hives! The only other ingredients are water and yeast for the fermentation stage. Double pot distilled to bring forward the floral bouquet and rich pollen character. We then rest it in an oak cask to give extra depth and time to mature.  It is finished with caramelized pure honey (again our very own), which adds both slight sweetness and fantastic bitter notes of coffee and chocolate. This rich complex Rhum is not like any that you have tried before. Bottled at "Pirate Strength" to give the full impact of its flavour profile when consumed straight and robust enough to shine through in even a simple high ball.


Recommended With:

One of the best food pairings for this full bodied spirit is beef - a good old steak or brisket.

Recommended in a classic Old Fashioned or a Honey Rhum Eggnog over the holidays.


Honey Rhum. Must be of legal drinking age to purchase. 750 mL Bottle Size. 

    • Rhum

    • 53.8% ABV


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