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Whisky by the barrel

Whisky by the barrel
53, 15, & 5 gallon whisky barrels
53, 15, & 5 gallon whisky barrels (bananas for scale)
5 gallon whisky barrel
Whisky by the barrel
Load image into Gallery viewer, Whisky by the barrel
Load image into Gallery viewer, 53, 15, & 5 gallon whisky barrels
Load image into Gallery viewer, 53, 15, & 5 gallon whisky barrels (bananas for scale)
Load image into Gallery viewer, 5 gallon whisky barrel
Load image into Gallery viewer, Whisky by the barrel

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The Inner Circle of Burwood Distillery: A unique opportunity to create custom products, purchase private casks & unique products, invest in whisky, and be privy to all the inner most secrets of a truly local, hand-crafted distillery. How do you become a member of the Inner Circle? First available, The Private Batch Whisky Program: A unique opportunity to join the Inner Circle.

The Private Batch Whisky Program invites you to be part of something new and exciting in the world of craft aged spirits. This program is for those who really want to have a hand in their whisky.

All tiers:
    • Entrance and membership into Burwood’s Inner Circle
    • Your own personal, premium, hand crafted whisky in a dedicated 5, 15, 30 or 53 gal barrel that is distilled and aged especially for you
    • Come sample the barrel periodically and YOU decide with the help of our Master Distillers when it’s ready to package
    • Unique opportunity to own your own, custom distilled batch of whisky created from local, natural ingredients
    • The barrel will be branded and aged for you. At the end of the aging cycle, product will be bottled and released to you
    • The whole process will be overlooked by Burwood’s Master Distillers
    • Signature labeling of final aged product (custom labels available at purchaser's expense)

    • Free distillery tours for 2 people (Lifetime) during regular tour hours as space allows
Barrel Yields (depending on what the angels take & preferred bottling strength):
    • 5 Gallon: Expected Yield: 20 – 30 bottles (750 mL)
    • 15 Gallon: Expected Yield: 60 – 90 bottles (750 mL)
    • 30 Gallon: Expected Yield: 120 – 180 bottles (750 mL)
    • 53 Gallon: Expected Yield: 170 – 250 bottles (750 mL)


Q: What is the main difference in barrel sizes?

A: The 53 gallon barrel is the standard barrel size for Whisky. As the barrels decrease in size, the flavors of the wood are intensified. This results in less time needed for developing "barrel character" and maturing the product. The down side is that depth and complexity diminish as the barrel size decreases. So, the smaller the barrel the faster the maturation. The larger the barrel, the slower the maturation and a more complex character is produced.

Q: Do you barrel age any of your other products?

A: We can barrel age just about anything you can dream up. Want some barrel aged Gin or Honey Liqueur? We can do that. For more info on specialty casks, please reach out to us directly for pricing at


 Whisky Barrel. Must be of legal drinking age to purchase.

    • Whisky (5 gallon)
    • Whisky (15 gallon)
    • Whisky (30 gallon)
    • Whisky (53 gallon)

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