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World Bee Day Honey Inspired Pack

World Bee Day Honey Inspired Pack

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Honey Liqueur (Medica) 375mL
Farm Fresh Burwood Honey 400g
Honey Eau de Vie 375mL


Honey Liqueur (Medica): One of our specialties, Burwood Medica is proofed to 28.0% ABV & sweetened with raw Alberta Honey from our family farm for a mild sweetness. This process brings about a light golden colour and an incredible depth of aromas and flavour. This liqueur lends itself quite well to sipping on it’s own (think digestif, port, sherry, etc…) and mixing with other drinks (similar to sweet vermouth in a martini, boulevardier, or negroni).


Farm Fresh Burwood Honey: Freshly bottled raw honey, straight from our family farm in Chestermere, AB. Our honey is minimally processed to preserve all the beneficial enzymes and delicate flavours of this natural product. Tiny bits of beeswax and pollen are perfectly normal. Crystallization of the honey is a natural process that can be expected over time. Burwood bees are buzzed to help us produce not only our artisanal honey, but our craft spirits as well.


Honey Eau de Vie: 100% pure Alberta Raw Honey is distilled lightly, similar to that of a whiskey or “honey shine”. This spirit offers aromas of Alberta wildflowers, which change depending on where the bees have foraged. You'll love the rich and complex flavour, with hints of bees wax and spice on the finish. This one contains a slight sweetness in both taste and aroma, but it is not a sweetened liqueur. Best enjoyed straight up, with a single large ice-cube, or mixed as you would a high-grade gin. 42.0% ABV, clear spirit.



    1. Honey Liqueur. Must be of legal drinking age to purchase.

    1. 100% pure, raw, unfiltered Alberta Honey.

    1. Honey Eau de Vie. Must be of legal drinking age to purchase.

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