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The Restaurant

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Sit back and relax. The cocktail lounge features a casual, classic vibe, perfect for enjoying those moments worth drinking to.

Enjoy a full dining experience with plates featuring local hearty farm to table style food including light and fresh salads, sandwiches, sharing boards, and meats from our neighbourhood and butcher Master Meats.

Though we have closed the cocktail lounge until further notice due to Covid-19.


Nibbles + Small Plates

  • Roasted OlivesGFV

    Cerignola olives, orange, chilies and garlic.

  • Medica Mushroom ToastV

    Sautéed mushrooms served on charred bread.

  • Sour Cherry Duck WingsGF

    Braised with sour cherries, served with pickled carrot salsa.

  • Baked Macedonian Feta

    Charred house sourdough, greenhouse medley tomatoes, red onion, cold pressed canola.

  • HummusV

    Hummus, ajvar, grilled egg plant and tomato olive tapenade.

  • Fried CauliflowerGFV

    Beet harissa and mayo.

  • European Bread V

    Charred bread served with oil and vinegar


All boards served with charred bread.

  • House Greens

    Local honey & mustard vinaigrette, shaved carrot, cranberry, roasted walnut and apple.

  • Grilled Cheese

    Fresh sourdough, smoked cheddar, tomatoes, pea shoots and served with fresh cut fries

  • Roasted Half Chicken

    Medica brined, fingerling potato salad, pan jus and thyme

  • Marko Size

    Eastern European street food. Beef and veal ground by Master Meats, toasted European bread, served with sliced onions, ajvar and feta crema.

  • Barley TaboulehV

    Lemon,cold pressed canola, cucumber,tomato,peppers,sumac popped barley

  • Burwood BLT

    Honey seared bacon, greenhouse tomato, spring greens and served with fresh cut fries

  • Burwood Hero

    Fresh hoagie, arugula, provolone, prosciutto,mortadella and served with fresh cut fries.

  • Burwood Cevapi

    Eastern European street food. Beef,veal and lamb ground by Master Meats, toasted European bread, served with sliced onions, ajvar and Feta crema.

  • Mixed GrilledGF

    Roasted pork belly, cevapi, grilled lamb skewer, seasonal sausage, fries.

Burwood Brunch

Saturday - Sunday 10AM - 2PM

  • Burwood Benedict

    English muffin, poached farm eggs, brown butter hollandaise, smoky hash browns. Your choice of: Cured Pork Belly | Gravlax | Medica mushroom

  • The Burwood Breakfast

    evapi sausage, pork bell, smoky hash browns, 2 eggs your way, toast.

  • Shredded Duck Hash

    Shredded Duck, smoky hash browns, 2 poached eggs, hollandaise.

  • Avocado Toast

    Rye toast, farm tomatoes. peashoots, fried farm egg, smoky hash browns.

  • Smoky hash Browns
  • Fries
  • Farm fresh egg
  • Avocado
  • 3pc Cevapi or Pork belly
  • Fried cauliflower
  • Side Waldorf salad
  • Seasonal sausage

Cocktail Menu

  • Negron-Tea 2oz

    A twist on the classic with a floral infusion of locally sourced tea. Burwood Gin, Lillet Blanc, Campari infused with grapefruit agrume tea, Burwood orange bitters.

  • Morning Frost 2oz

    Approachable and fizzy with a freshness reminiscent of the frost on an early Calgary morning.Burwood Gin, Limoncello, Campari, Happy Belly Mint Kombucha, apple cinnamon tincture, rosemary.

  • Blood Orange Mint Gimlet 2oz

    A fragrant variation of a well-known cocktail with notes of deep citrus and fresh herbs. Burwood Gin, St Germain, blood orange nectar, fresh lime juice, mint.

  • Lavender Bees Knees 2oz

    The perfect blend of a well-loved beverage and a touch of summer. Burwood Gin, honey syrup, fresh lemon juice, lavender, bee pollen.

  • Garden Party Moscow Mule 2oz

    Fresh cucumber and herbs from the back garden to cut the heat of a spicy yet citrus forward ginger beer. Burwood Vodka, Aperol, cucumber, mint, basil, Annex Ginger Beer, rosemary.

  • Burwood Caesar 2oz

    Canada’s National Cocktail made with the craft cocktail lover in mind. Burwood Vodka, house made worcestershire sauce, house made hot sauce, Walters Craft Caesar Mix, house pickled carrot and bean.

  • Lunar Eclipse 2oz

    The superfood of cocktails – well-balanced and as healthy as they come. You may even be able to skip the gym. Turmeric-infused Burwood Vodka, Licor 43, fresh carrot juice, honey, fresh lemon juice, Burwood house aromatic bitters.

  • Pineapple Cinnamon Mojito 2oz

    These “oddly complementary flavours” make for a unique take on this mouth-watering classic. Burwood Medica, Flor De Cana, fresh mint, fresh lime, pineapple cinnamon syrup, Pellegrino.

  • Double Smoked Penicillin 2oz

    Time to take your “medicine”. Notes of wood, ash and fire to set the mood for wherever the evening takes you. Burwood Medica, Caolila 12 Year Islay Single Malt Scotch, whisky, Domaine De Canton, fresh lemon juice, honey water, Burwood smoked honey bitters.

  • Harvest Old Fashioned 2oz

    Thought you knew your way around an Old Fashioned? Guess again...with this sweet rendition made from the heart of our spirits. Burwood Medica, black raspberry tea infused, bourbon, barley syrup, Burwood smoked honey, bitters, orange zest. *contains gluten (barley syrup)

  • Kombucha Sangria 2oz

    None of the sugar, with all of the flavour, in our fragrant and stylish Sangria. It’s like nothing you’ve ever had. Red or white wine, Burwood Honey Eau De Vie, orange juice, Happy Belly Mint Kombucha, peach nectar, seasonal herbs and fruit.

  • Evening Shade 2oz

    A harmonious mix of flavours, sweet and earthy, yet still a spirit forward sipper. Burwood Honey Eau de Vie, Domaine De Canton, Burwood Medica, fresh lime juice, cucumber, peach puree.

  • Pernelle 2oz

    Crisp, light and refreshing with just a hint of fresh herb and cold cucumber. Burwood Honey Eau De Vie, St Germain elderflower, Pisco, fresh lemon juice, Pellegrino, rosemary, cucumber.

  • Earl Lemonade 2oz

    A pronounced Earl Grey twist on your favourite summery sipper with a kick of spirit to take you to the next level. Burwood Eau De Vie, Pisco, early grey syrup, lemon juice, soda.

  • Burwood Burnt Wood Old Fashioned 2oz

    A house favourite, we promise you’ve never had a classic like this. Green walnut liqueur, Bulleit Bourbon, Rosso espresso syrup, Burwood house aromatic bitters, smoked glass This beverage contains gluten.

Special Events / Private Events

Burwood distillery would like to help you celebrate that special event in style. We’ve got you covered! We have a variety of food, drink, and tour options available to suit just about any group!

Please connect with us and we’ll be in touch to iron out some details and answer any questions you may have for us.