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Raspberry Basil 6-Pack Craft Cooler | Burwood Distillery

A classic flavour pairing, the smell of fresh raspberries jumps forward, while the basil lingers as a complex and long finish. Simple, real ingredients. Even the spirit is crafted from scratch in-house.

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**NOTE: if there is a chance of this product freezing due to weather, we recommend waiting till it is warmer for shipping as we cannot ensure proper temperatures in shipping trucks during our wild Canadian Winters! Canned spirits cannot handle extreme temperatures, and may result in bursting. Due to the harsh winter weather, we must institute a winter shipping policy to protect your purchases. To reduce the risk of freezing, only place orders when the temperature is above 0°C. Our sincere thanks go out to you for your patience and understanding.


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Joshua Davis
Read More
Delicious spirits, always something new they're cooking up so keep your eye out. Kind staff, best conversation I've had in a long time, couldn't reccomend enough.
Lee Foreman
Read More
Be sure to try the Honey Liqueur Medica, oh so good over ice.
James Beggs
Read More
Absolutely a gorgeous gin....smooth, delicious, I want another. Delighted to know it's from Calgary.......Keep it up ladies and gentlemen from Burwood.
Niel L
Read More
We have a small obsession with this place. Since discovering Burwood Distillery, we have bought at least one bottle of everything they have put out.
Lauren Bergeson
Read More
Delicious products with lovely service. The vodka and the barrel aged honey liqueur must be tried. Kitchen and dine in is currently closed to follow Covid regulations.
Claudius du Plooy
Read More
Burwood's line-up of products is growing and they are all delicious! The drinks and food never dissapoint! Most of all, the team is fun and great to deal with!
Jenna Pich
Read More
Burwood is my go-to for casual drinks and snacks on the weekend. I can't wait to try the kambucha series!
Joe Turner
Read More
The hopped gin is amazing. Goes great with ginger ale. I highly recommend stopping by and supporting this distillery. You won't regret having a good drink to end the long day.
From our distillery to your door.

Raspberry Basil 6-Pack Craft Cooler | Burwood Distillery

From our distillery to your door.


Tart raspberries arrive at a whole new level with the addition of fresh basil. Super bright and invigorating, with the balance you would expect from Burwood. A classic flavour pairing, the smell of fresh raspberries jumps forward, while the basil lingers as a complex and long finish. Simple, real ingredients. Even the spirit is crafted from scratch in-house.

Water, Honey Eau de Vie (Spirit) Raspberry Infusion, Honey Eau de Vie Basil Infusion.

Raspberry Basil (6-Pack Craft Cooler). Must be of legal drinking age to purchase. 355 mL Can Size.


    • Ready to Drink Craft Canned Cocktail


    • 4.0% ABV

NOTE: During the cold Canadian winter months of December, January, February, our Winter Shipping Policy is in effect. We will only ship orders when temperatures are above 0°C to reduce the risk of products freezing. We do our best to monitor weather forecasts and please expect some delays during these months. We appreciate your patience and understanding.

Spirits are a perishable commodity especially canned spirits. Spirits do not like extremes of temperature: hot humid summer and cold winter weather may adversely affect the condition of your spirit during shipment. Burwood Distillery is not responsible for, and will not replace spirits that are damaged by extreme weather conditions during shipment. When your order is picked up by the common carrier for delivery, responsibility for the spirit becomes the responsibility of the purchaser.

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Weight 2.3 kg
Dimensions 21 × 14 × 13 cm

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