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Burwood Distillery

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Burwood Gin.

Burwood gins are a unique and enjoyable work of art involving over 80 different gin deconstructions.

We carefully select rich botanicals and herbs to elevate a variety of flavours and sensations.

40.6% ABV to 44.0% ABV

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Burwood Liqueurs.

Burwood liqueurs are the embodiment of perfection with vibrant and tantalizing sweet flavours.

These liqueurs are aged resulting in an incredible depth of aromas and flavours.

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Burwood Whiskys.

Burwood Whiskies are a time capsule of perfectly aged spices and delightfully exotic flavours.

Made to be enjoyed during the moments in life that deserve to be marked with stories of your own.

46% to 53.2% ABV

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Burwood Vodka & Honey Eau de Vie.

Burwood Vodka is distilled from 100% Alberta 2-row single malt barley, then lightly coconut charcoal filtered.

The heat and flavour of our vodka fade smoothly leaving a clean and mildly sweet aftertaste.

Vodka 40.0% to 42.0%ABV

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Burwood Rhum.

This rich “pirate strength” limited edition Honey Rhum is made from our organic family-owned beehives.

It is double pot distilled to bring forward the luxurious floral bouquet and pollen characters. The result is a distinct and superbly complex Rhum unlike any that you have tried before.

48% ABV

Burwood Ready To Drink Craft Coolers.

Craving a crisp, light and refreshing drink with vibrant fruit flavours?

These coolers are made with 100% genuine craft spirit with all-natural ingredients and no added sugar, chemicals, or preservatives for the most exquisite and balanced profiles.

(6-pack) 4.0% ABV

Burwood Hard Kombuchas.

Refreshing, vibrant, and beautifully balanced are the best way to describe these delicious masterpieces.

All-natural ingredients are used with exhilarating flavours like spicy botanicals and perfectly ripened fruit for an exciting and complex taste experience.

(4-pack) 4.5% ABV

Burwood Cocktail Kits.

The best way to sample our line-up and try new cocktail flavours is through our cocktail kits!

All-natural ingredients are used! Mix and match flavours or try our most popular products in kits that come with everything you need to make the perfect cocktail.

The Burwood Story

Burwood Distillery originated as a vision to celebrate Alberta’s agriculture by handcrafting world-class spirits from local ingredients. It has evolved to become a destination for new world spins on classic old-world styles.

Burwood Distillery is the culmination of our devotion to keeping traditions alive, from our selection of spirits to our tasting room and cocktail lounge. Our distillers bring their passion for exciting new twists on classic spirits and flavours to every product we create, with the goal of igniting that same passion inside you.